And here we are finally looking at everything from a different perspective.

So the idea was to complete a simple Hello World tutorial / app which would provide the necessary skills to then explore my own ideas for VR.

But where to start ?

Ever since pulling together a truck load of VR kit, Unity has been taunting me with tutorials i’ve never had time to complete. ¬†Finally with a bit of time (more like an hour here or there) I have the chance to dig deeper.

Although Unity has some great tutorials you find yourself lost in the detail even with the simplest “roll a ball” tutorial. ¬†So realized I needed a better understanding of how to use Unity rather than actually building something.

So step back again and started looking at:

The following post by Eric Van de Kerckhove seemed like a good place.

A basic understanding of Unity was required so I took Eric’s advice and followed this:

This helps you understand the interface much better and means you can actually move items around without feeling like you hands are the wrong way round.

then continued with this…

Things to look at next….

Unity ‘s API documentation.