an alternative perspective


If you loose the ‘Virtual‘ aspect, reality is more than just the screens we look at on a daily basis.  Somewhere in-between the TV and the actual reality we see though our eyes are 360 images and videos which provide… Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, Action

Finally completed Rays HTC Vive tutorial for Unity.  Really good tutorial pulling together all of the elements previously discussed and combing them with Steam VR plugins. As you go through the tutorial if your not overwhelmed by the jargon… Continue Reading →

Keeping #……. C#

So the other half of my family does design and art things i find totally amazing.  For me its all ones and zeros and very functional.  There is a problem, you solve it.  So to bring any creation to life… Continue Reading →

Day One – How does Unity work ?

And here we are finally looking at everything from a different perspective. So the idea was to complete a simple Hello World tutorial / app which would provide the necessary skills to then explore my own ideas for VR. But… Continue Reading →

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